Aspire is a Federation of small schools based in rural Kent.

Each school has mixed age classes, and we have designed a curriculum to suit the needs of our pupils and to ensure that they have retained the knowledge needed by the end of the key stage.

We have a subject leader responsible for each subject as well as areas such as early years, attendance, mental health and wellbeing.

Our leaders work across the Federation and monitor regularly using a ‘deep dive’ approach. Our approach to leadership is a collegiate one, where each leader becomes the expert for their subject and leads training, development and monitoring.

Three of the Aspire schools have had an Ofsted inspection under the current framework and the fourth is due before the end of this academic year. Therefore, our leaders have experience of Ofsted meetings and the challenges of subject deep dives.

We have achieved local recognition for our work in wellbeing and resilience, and are developing nurture provision across the Federation to compliment our already strong provision for our pupils who have SEND.

We are able to offer training, support and reviews in leadership, curriculum development for small schools, alongside wellbeing and SEN support.

Please contact us if you would like to visit or work with us.

Emma Hickling

Executive Headteacher
Aspire Federation

Our schools

Kingswood Primary School

A small village primary school, situated at the heart of Kingswood village, with approximately 140 pupils.

Leeds & Broomfield CE Primary School

A small Church of England school, set in the beautiful countryside of Leeds, with approximately 70 pupils.

Platts Heath Primary School

A a small village primary school, located near the picturesque village of Lenham, with approximately 80 pupils.

Ulcombe CE Primary School

A small Church of England school, in the village of Ulcombe in the Weald of Kent, with approximately 80 pupils.

Learn more about us

You can learn more about the Federation and our four schools on the Aspire website.